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AIR Cynthia Gallagher Solo Exhibition


Urban Studio Unbound
66 Main St, # B 10701 Yonkers United States
US+U is pleased to announce our first Artist in Residence Solo Exhibition! Join us on Saturday Oct 8th from 6-9pm to celebrate and view the work made by Cynthia Gallagher during her time at the gallery..

After the reception exhibition is open for viewing on Sat Oct 15th 2pm-7pm , Sunday Oct 16th 1pm-6pm or by appointment.


Catch the Metro North train at Grand Central Station on the Croton Harmon Line. Off the train, onto the platform the first thing we see is the Hudson River, a hallmark of the developing city of Yonkers. In all seasons the expansive panorama of water is peaceful and the air smells clean. A welcome change from city living.

Walk out of the station, up the hill, 2 short blocks, to the US+U Gallery. This, the brainchild of Melissa Starke, Fine Arts Department Coordinator at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. As a faculty member at FIT, I was excited to be the first artist in residence in the new gallery.

The space is a generous one, offering the opportunity to spread out, and to work on several pieces simultaneously, encouraging the necessary ability to explore a broader visual engagement with possibilities and outcomes. Having mostly worked where I live, the idea of leaving my studio for my art job was a new concept for me in my art making practice.

I loved the train ride, the walk to the studio and the ability to leave NYC to work. The population feels smaller, with open spaces and always a view of the sky It is peaceful and a welcome relief from the density we experience in Manhattan. The city’s environment makes for a very conducive place for an artist to work.

Traveling to outside work place, established a very specific working schedule, maintaining an uninterrupted working process.

My residency experience at US+U was a very valuable and productive providing much more than I had anticipated. Since my time there was finite, a more rigorous schedule was necessary in order to make this experience as meaningful as possible. The space and time, given to me fostered the ability to develop an artist’s tunnel vision that has stayed with me since that time.

I came into the studio with a very limited amount of work to use as starting point, the greater majority of paintings in this exhibit were produced during my residency at US+U.

I want to thank Melissa Starke, US+U and the City of Yonkers for this very special opportunity!