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Varenyky for the Yonkers Ukrainian Heritage Festival!


Ukrainian Youth Center
301 Palisade Ave 10703-2915 Yonkers United States
Pryvit, dear friends and festival volunteers! The calendar event of the season is upon us once again. Please join us at Yonkers CYM on Wednesday (6/15) to make varenyky for the 31st annual Yonkers Ukrainian Heritage Festival!

As most of you know, our festival continues to thrive due the generous goodwill contributions of others, chief among them the volunteer efforts that go into creating everything from the event space on the church grounds to the food offered.

As always, the more hands on deck for Wednesday's varenyk-a-thon, the better! As a result of last year's efforts, we were able to hit our target of nearly 16,000 varenyky by a reasonable hour (9:15pm). Let's not lose our momentum -- the year prior, our attendance was so low that we didn't wrap up until after midnight! The more volunteers, the faster we'll be able to hit our production goal. We're counting on you to make this happen, so feel free to add anyone you see fit to this invite list.

Please see below for details, including the general schedule for Tuesday's tasks. We'll be sure to update with any changes. Tanchi/Prolisok schedule is below. Lunch/dinner provided!


Saturday 6/11, 9 AM: Kitchen awning set up; St. Michael's (Shonnard and North Broadway)
-- Any able-bodied men and women!

Monday 6/13, 10 AM: Holubtsi prep; cooking rice and cabbage; Yonkers CYM (301 Palisade Avenue)
-- 5-6 volunteers needed

Monday 6/13, 5:30 PM: Tents/tarps/chicken wire set up; St. Michael's (Shonnard and North Broadway)
-- Any able-bodied/nimble-fingered men and women!

Tuesday 6/14, 10 AM: Chopping onions; Yonkers Miasarnia (39 Lockwood Avenue)
-- 5-6 volunteers needed

Tuesday 6/14, 5:30 PM: Cooking onions, making/cooling potatoes; Yonkers CYM (301 Palisade Avenue)
-- 10-15 volunteers needed

Wednesday, 6/15 at 9 AM: All things varenyky; Yonkers CYM (301 Palisade Avenue)
-- All hands on deck!!! We have jobs for everyone!

Thursday 6/16, 5:30 PM: Tables/chairs set up; St. Michael's (Shonnard and North Broadway)
-- Anyone available!

Friday 6/17, 11 AM: Final set up; St. Michael's (Shonnard and North Broadway)
-- Almost there! Come on down!

Friday 6/19, 3 PM: Final prep; St. Michael's (Shonnard and North Broadway)
-- It's go time; all welcome!